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iRead iLead Campaign

Spring-UP Global Network (SUGN) is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on human development with the objective of advancing access to quality education in orphanages and schools in hard-to-reach communities in Ghana.

We do these through our flagship programmes: Career and Guidance Sessions through the Mentor Me initiative, Donation of Learning and Teaching Supplies through the Back-to-School Drive, and the building and renovation of school libraries and establishment of Reading and Writing clubs (LitChild Clubs) through the iRead iLead Campaign and iRead iLead Literacy program.

iRead iLead Campaign and iRead iLead Literacy program is a 10-year strategic educational campaign launched in January 2020. The campaign focuses on refurbishing and or building libraries and establishing Reading and Writing

clubs (LitChild Club) in rural and deprived basic schools in order to nurture tomorrow’s effective leaders through reading.

Since the launch of the project 3 years ago, SUGN has refurbished 4 school libraries and established Reading and Writing Clubs in Yevi D/A Basic School, Agbekotsekpo D/A Basic School, Osu Cluster of Schools, and the Kwashieman Cluster of Schools in the Volta and Greater Accra region respectively.

Funding for the first two libraries under the project was from membership contributions, social media campaigns and external donor funding.

In September 2022, Deloitte identified and named Spring-UP Global Network as its implementing partner for the Deloitte WorldClass Initiative in Ghana. Starting in October 2022, eight (8) libraries will be refurbished and restocked for eight (8) clusters of schools impacting a minimum of 16,000 lives in the first year across the Greater Accra, Eastern, Central, Ashanti, Volta, and Oti regions.

Beneficiary Schools under the Deloitte WorldClass Initiative in Ghana:

  1. Osu Cluster of Schools
  2. Kwashieman Cluster of Schools


 7,731 service users in 2 beneficiary schools in the Greater Accra Region

Deloitte WorldClass Initiative in Ghana is ongoing in the following schools:

  1. State Experimental Basic Schools
  2. Konongo M/A Mines Basic Schools



According to the 2020 MICS-EAGLE Ghana Education Fact Sheet by UNICEF, 52 percent of children who do not have foundational reading skills come from the country’s poor regions. With inadequate resources and poor facilities in rural schools contributing to poor academic performance, there is an urgent need to improve literacy rates in rural communities in Ghana. From providing schools with modern libraries to nurturing the reading and writing skills of children, at Spring-UP Global Network, we have a dream to make education and mentorship accessible to all children so as not to increase the already existing literacy gap between the rich and poor.

iRead iLead Campaign is raising more readers and leaders in deprived schools.

  • iRead iLead Campaign is contributing significantly to increase the literacy level at basic schools.
  • iRead iLead Campaign is advancing quality education to deprived communities.
  • iRead iLead Campaign is promoting the reading of books authored by African Writers.

As an organization focused on promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4, we see the importance of promoting quality and inclusive education through the iRead iLead Campaign.


Mentor Me


Mentor me is a unique mentorship session where mentors who are often tertiary students meet their mentees in the basic school. Topics treated during the Mentor Me sessions are taken from our Mentorship Course Outline. Mentor Me sessions also serve as skill training events where Youth Mentors teach the basic school children skills like writing, artwork, soap making, bead making, sewing, décor and many life skills. Branding, marketing and business plan writing are also taught during the sessions.


Back to School Drive


SUGN provides exercise books, text books and other learning materials to school children at the beginning of each academic year.

Jaa Ojoormo Grid

Jaa Ojoormo (Share your blessings)

Jaa Ojoormo Grid
Jaa Ojoormo translates as “share your blessings” in the Ga language. This initiative is held in December each year to celebrate the end of year through sharing and donating to an orphanage or a deprived school.